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A film by Marcos Carnevale

Starring: Norma Aleandro, Luis Luque, Leonor Manso, Peto Manahem, Alejandra Manzo

2009, Argentina, Drama, 104 min.

Presented as part of the Cine Las Americas Signature Series at the Alamo Drafthouse, co-presented by the Austin Jewish Film Festival.



Sunday, March 31, 4 PM
Alamo Drafthouse Village

2700 W. Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757. Tel: (512) 476-1320. [map]

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"Astounding... an unsentimental portrait of one lost soul among the city’s outcasts. It offers a portrait of Anita as a real human being, without falling into pathos or easy sentiment." – Loren King, THE BOSTON GLOBE


Anita (Alejandra Manzo)  is a young woman with Down syndrome who lives a happy life in Buenos Aires, under the meticulous care of her mother Dora (Academy Award nominee Norma Aleandro). One tragic morning in 1994, everything changes when Anita is left alone, confused and helpless after the nearby Argentine Israelite Mutual Association is bombed (one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Argentina's history). As Anita wanders through the city, she learns not only to care for herself, but touches the lives of those around her, from an alcoholic to a family of Asian immigrants.


Anita (Alejandra Manzo) es una joven con síndrome Down quien lleva una vida feliz en Buenos Aires, bajo los cuidados meticulosos de su madre Dora (Norma Aleandro). Una trágica mañana en 1994, la vida de Anita cambia por completo al quedar sóla e indefensa tras el atentado contra la Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (uno de los peores atentados en la historia en Argentina). Sola e indefensa, Anita vaga por las calles de la ciudad, y aprende no solamente a valerse por sí misma, pero también a influir en la vida de la gente a su alrededor. desde un hombre alcohólico hasta una familia de inmigrantes Asiáticos.


About The Director

Marcos Carnevale

Marcos Carnevale was born in 1963 in Argentina. He began his career in advertising in 1983. In 1991 he started his own production company: Millecento Cinema. Carnevale created and directed over 300 commercials that have earned him various international awards. Mr. Carnevale's career as a screenwriter of TV series is long and widely acclaimed. His third feature film ELSA & FRED was a huge success internationally and got him a worldwide recognition.


2011 - Viudas (Widows)
2009 - Anita
2003 - Elsa y Fred (Elsa and Fred)
2000 - Almejas y Mejillones (Clams and Mussels)
1996 - Noche de Ronda  (Night Serenaders)



2009, Argentina, Drama
104 min., 35 mm, Color


Norma Aleandro - Dora 
Luis Luque - Felix
Leonor Manso - Nora
Peto Menahem - Ariel 
Alejandra Manzo - Anita


Direct by:  Marcos Carnevale
Written by: Marcos Carnevale, Marcela Guerty, Lily Ann Martin
Produced by:  Marcos Carnevale
Executive Produced by: Jorge Gundín
Original Music: Lito Vitale
Cinematography: Guillermo Zappino
Editor: Pablo Narnieri Carrera
Casting: Sabrina Kirzner
Art Direction: Adriana Slemenson
Sound: Jose Luis Diaz

A Menemsha Films Release





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