Juan de los muertos / Juan of the Dead

A film by Alejandro Brugués

Spain/Cuba, 2011, Comedy/Horror, 100 min.

Pub run + Screening

Monday, October 29 
Pub Run @ 6 PM - Screening @ 7:30 PM

The Paramount Theatre and Takoba

Pub Run + Screening: $15 - Buy tickets

Ticket includes film and event admission, compimentary locally-brewed beer, and one small popcorn.

General Movie Admission - $10

Film Fan Movie Admission with Card at Box Office - $6

Event benefits Cine las Americas and the historic Paramount Theatre.

Juan de los muertos
Juan of the Dead

A film by Alejandro Brugués

Spain/Cuba, 2011, Comedy/Horror
35mm, Color, 100 min.
In Spanish with English subtitles

Juan of the Dead is a film that not only gives a new coat of paint to the zombie genre, it pimps it out with flames and adds a pair of fuzzy dice.

Written and directed by Alejandro Brugués, Juan of the Dead mixes the sensibilities and wit of a Looney Tunes cartoon with enough zombie carnage to keep even the most bloodthirsty of horror hounds satisfied. Alexis Diaz de Villegas stars as Juan, the perpetually nonplussed conman who uses a zombie outbreak in Cuba to forge a new business as a professional zombie killer. Featuring outstanding humor, lovable characters and a great sense for mixing horror with humor, Brugués’ film, the first horror film from Cuba, is one of the best zombie movies to venture out in search of brains in the last few years. (Robert Saucedo)


Alexis Díaz de Villegas - Juan

Jorge Molina - Lazaro

Andrea Duro - Camila

Andros Perugorría - Vladi California

Jazz Vilá - La China

Eliecer Ramírez - El Primo

Antonio Dechent - Father Jones

Blanca Rosa Blanco - Sara

Elsa Camp - Yiya

Susana Pous - Lucía

Eslinda Núñez - Leader of CDR Meeting

Juan Miguel Mas - President of the CDR

Manuel Herrera - TV Announcer

Luis Alberto García - Padre


Director: Alejandro Brugués

Screenwriter: Alejandro Brugués

Executive ProducersClaudia Calviño, Inti Herrera, Gervasio Iglesias

Line Producer: Laura Alvea

Cinematography: Carles Gusi

Editing: Mercedes Cantero

Art Direction: Derubín Jácome

Make Up Department: David Arguelles, Marco Antonio Hernández,Cristian Perez Jauregu, Karina Espinoza Monroy, Gerardo Munoz Lopez, Rocío Gutiérrez

Second Unit Directors or Assistant Directors

Assistant Director: Laura Alvea

Sound: Jose A. Manovel, Daniel de Zayas

Production Companies: La Zanfoña Producciones

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