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Jones Auditorium at the Ragsdsale Center, St. Edwards University

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WINNER- Grand Prize of the Youth Jury - Cannes Film Festival

“Director Malberti has a simple, unfussy style that reflects his young heroes’ clear-eyed naïveté.” – Adam Nayman, Eye Weekly



Viva Cuba

A film by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti

2005, Cuba, Comedy/Drama
80 min., HD, Color
In Spanish with English subtitles


In a tale akin to "Romeo and Juliet," the friendship between two children is threatened by their parents' differences. Malú is from an upper-class family and her single mother does not want her to play with Jorgito, as she thinks his background coarse and commonplace. Jorgito's mother, a poor socialist proud of her family's social standing, places similar restrictions on her son. What neither woman recognizes is the immense strength of the bond between Malú and Jorgito. When the children learn that Malú's mother is planning to leave Cuba, they decide to travel to the other side of the island to find Malú's father and persuade him against signing the forms that would allow it.


En un relato similar a “Romeo y Julieta,” la amistad entre dos niños se ve amenazada por las diferencias entre sus padres. Malú pertenece a una familia de la clase alta, y su madre soltera no quiere que ella juege con Jorgito, pues piensa que su estatus es burdo y ordinario. La madre de Jorgito, una socialista pobre y orgullosa de su estatus social de su familia, pone restricciones similares a su hijo. Lo que ninguna de las mujeres reconoce es la inmensa fortaleza que tiene el vínculo entre Malú y Jorgito. Cuando los niños se dan cuenta de que la madre de Malú planea irse de Cuba, ellos deciden viajar al otro lado de la isla para convencer a el padre de Malú de no firmar los documentos que se lo permitan.


About the Director

Juan_Carlos_Cremata_MalbertiJuan Carlos Cremata Malberti is a Cuban film, television and theater director. He started his career as an author and actor for children’s TV shows, made for the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television from 1981 to 1987. He obtained his Dramatic Arts degree in 1986 from the Havana’s Superior Institute of Art. He then went on to study at and graduate from the International Film School of San Antonio de los Baños in 1990, having already created his classic OSCUROS RINOCERONTES ENJAULADOS, an experimental short film that went around the world gathering awards in several film festivals. Between 1994 and 1995, Cremata Malberti taught editing and directing in Buenos Aires. In 1996, he became a Guggenheim fellow and spent a year in New York City. Then, in 1998, he was invited to participate in a film-writing workshop at the Sundance Institute in Utah.
Cremata Malberti's first commercial film was the documentary LA ÉPOCA, EL ENCANTO Y FIN DE SIGLO (2000). His first feature film was NADA (2001), noted within the Cuban film industry for its innovative mise en scène. NADA premiered in Austin at the Opening Night of the 6th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, with Cremata Malberti in attendance.
VIVA CUBA (2005), his most successful film to date, won more than 30 national and international awards. It was the first Cuban film ever to be awarded, “Grand Prix Écrans Juniors” for children’s cinema at the 2005 Cannes International Film Festival.
He has also directed the geatures EL PREMIO FLACO (2009), adapted from the play by Cuban writer Hector Quintero; and CHAMACO (2010).



Tarrau Broche- Malú
Milo Avila- Jorgito
Larisa Vega Alamar- Mother of Malú
Sara Cabrera Mena- Grandmother of Malú
Lieter Ledesma Alberto- Police Officer
Pavel Garcia Valdes- Espeleólogo



Director: Juan Carlos Cremata Malaberti
Writers: Juan Carlos Cremata Malaberti and Manolito Rodríguez Ramírez
Executive Producer: Eric Brach
Producer: Nicolas Duval-Adassovsky
Director of Photography: Alejandro Pérez Gómez
Production Designer: Guillermo Ramírez Malberti
Editors: Angélica Salvador Alonso and Sylvie Landra


A Film Movement Release


March 06, 7 PM – FREE!

Jones Auditorium at the Ragsdsale Center, St. Edwards University

3001 South Congress Avenue
[Map] [Parking Directions