También la lluvia (Even the Rain)

A film by Icíar Bollaín

Written by Paul Laverty
Starring Luis Tosar and Gael García Bernal



Special Advance Screening

"EVEN THE RAIN is a brilliant movie. At a time when the poor of the world seem to be rising up, I found myself deeply moved and completely enthralled by this film. I encourage everyone in search of a great movie to go see EVEN THE RAIN."
- Michael Moore, Filmmaker, Fahrenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine

También la lluvia (Even the Rain)

A film by Icíar Bollaín
Written by Paul Laverty
Starring Luis Tosar and Gael García Bernal

2010, Spain / France / Mexico, Historical Drama
103 min, 35mm, Color

In Spanish with English subtitles


Special Advance Screening

April 6, 7 PM

Regal Metropolitan

901 Little Texas Lane, Austin, TX 78745 [Map]

Costa (Luis Tosar) and Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia, to shoot a period film about Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. They’re on the tightest of budgets, but the shoot gets off to a smooth start. But things get complicated when their extras and main actor, locals to Cochabamba, rise up against the privatization of their drinking water. Their battle to get their film made intertwines with the fight of their Bolivian crew members, deprived of their most basic rights, prohibited from collecting even the rain.

Costa (Luis Tosar) y Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) llegan a Cochabamba, Bolivia, a filmar una película de época acerca de la llegada de Cristobal Colón a América. La filmación comienza bien a pesar de que cuentan con un bajo presupuesto, mas las cosas se complican cuando Daniel (Juan Carlos Aduviri), uno de sus principales actores locales, y los extras de la película, se unen a la lucha contra la privatización del agua en Cochabamba. La batalla de los cineastas por lograr su película se mezcla con la lucha de sus trabajadores Bolivianos, privados de sus más básicos derechos por una corporación que busca privatizarlo todo,… también la lluvia.

About Director Icíar Bollaín

Iciar Bollain was born in Madrid in 1967. Her interest in cinema can be traced back to her teenage years and her roles in films such as Victor Erice's “El Sur” (The South) and Manuel Gutierrez Aragon’s “Malaventura” (Misadventure). She subsequently appeared in “Tocando Fondo”, directed by José Luis Cuerda, “Tierra y Libertad” (Land and Freedom), by Ken Loach, and Jose Luis Borau’s “Niño Nadie” (1997) and “Leo” (2000), for which she was nominated for the Goya for Best Actress. She made her debut as a director in 1995 with “¿Hola, estas sola?” (Hi, Are You Alone?) at the Valladolid Film Festival, where she won the Best New Director award. She subsequently directed “Flores de otro mundo” (Flowers from Another World)(1999), "Amores que matan" (2000) and “Te doy mis ojos” (Take My Eyes) (2003) – for which she won seven Goyas, including Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film. For "Mataharis", the last film she has directed, she received two Goya nominations.


About Screenwriter Paul Laverty

A Golden Palm and nine films written by him and directed by Ken Loach have won Paul Laverty recognition as an acclaimed scriptwriter. Born in Calcutta, his concern for social issues led him to work for a human rights organization in Nicaragua. His experiences in Central America took him away from his work as a lawyer in Scotland and inspired him to write the script for “Carla Song's” (La cancion de Carla), his first film with Loach. Carla's Song was to be the beginning of one of the most prolific professional relationships in contemporary cinema and was followed, among others, by “My Name is Joe”, (Best Actor in Cannes for Peter Mullan) “Bread and Roses”, “Sweet Sixteen” (Best Screenplay at Cannes 2002), “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”(Golden Palm, Cannes 2006) “It’s a free World” (Best screenplay award in Venice) and the comedy “Looking for Eric”, (Cannes 2009) starring soccer legend Eric Cantona, and most recently "Route Irish", (Cannes 2010.) In addition to his prestigious work with Loach, Laverty has collaborated on other films such as “Cargo” (2005, directed by Clive Gordon), and recently Icíar Bollaín's “También la lluvia” (Even the Rain) (2010).



Director: Icíar Bollaín
Producer: Juan Gordon
Produced by Morena Films (Spain)
Co-produced by Mandarin Cinema (France), Alebrije Cine y Video (Mexico), Vaca Films (Spain)
Screenplay: Paul Laverty
Line Producer: Cristina Zumarraga
Production Designer: Juan Pedro de Gaspar
Director of Photography: Alex Catalán
Editor: Angel Hernandez Zoido
Sound: Emilio Cortes
Music: Alberto Iglesias
Make-up: Karmele Soler
Hairstylist: Paco Rodriguez
Costume Designer: Sonia Grande
Casting: Eva Leira and Yolanda Serrano (Spain), Rodrigo Bellot and Glenda Rodriguez (Bolivia)

A Vitagraphh Films Release