A lyrical feature documentary in the visual tradition of MAN OF ARAN and LA TERRA TREMA, Benacerraf's stunning ARAYA had been all but forgotten until rescued and restored by Milestone. Choosing a harsh, arid environment for her setting, Benacerraf tells the stories of three families, two of whom are involved in harvesting salt along the Venezuelan coast. Their jobs are arduous, back-breaking, and poorly compensated, but the black & white images of the people and their environment are considered some of the most striking in cinema history. Benacerraf was able to capture both the harshness and beauty of a way of life on the verge of disappearance with the arrival of technology.


Saturday July 24 at 12:30
Alamo Ritz Downtown (320 E. 6th)
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Written by Margot Benacerraf and Pierre Seghers
Cinematography by Giuseppe Nisoli
Venezuela/France, 1959, 35mm, B&W, 82 min.
Spanish with English subtitles


Presented by the Austin Film Society, Co-Sponsored by Cine Las Americas.