Cine Las Americas and the Harry Ransom Center Present:

Mexican Revolution Films of the 70s

May 6 to 27

Charles Nelson Prothro Theater at the Harry Ransom Center,  7 PM.

All films are in Spanish with English Subtitles. Admission is Free


Cine Las Americas  announces the series “Mexican Revolution Films of 70s,” co-presented with the Harry Ransom Center. The series is part of the year-round celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Mexican Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution.


May 6: El principio (The Beginning, 1972) – Directed by Gonzalo Martínez Ortega

May 13: Cananea (1976) – Directed by Marcela Fernández Violante

May 20: La casta divina (The Divine Caste, 1976) – Directed by Julián Pastor

May 27: Cuartelazo (Mutiny, 1976) – Directed by Alberto Isaac

About the films

“Mexican Revolution Films of 70s” includes four feature films directed by some of the most talented filmmakers who worked in Mexico during the first half of the 1970’s, when film production flourished under the auspices of then president Luis Echeverría, who installed his own brother Rodolfo Echeverría as president of the Film Production Bank, and helped capitalize the production of relevant films and allowed a critical view of the Mexican Revolution and other national realities.

The directors included in this series are some of the most accomplished of their time, and their views on the Mexican Revolution helped create a fresh look at Mexico’s recent history, going beyond the romanticism and glorification of popular heroes and characters of the revolution that was typical in the classic “Cine de Oro” films from the 1940’s and 50’s. The directors portray particular chapters and issues that were part of the complex reality of Mexico in the early twentieth century, which led to an armed conflict that changed the lives of the Mexican people, and sent ripples across Latin America and the rest of the world.