El albergue

A film by Alejandra Islas 

2012, Mexico, Documentary, 86 min.

Followed by Q & A with National Human Rights Award Winner Alejandro Solalinde

Presented by the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, in collaboration with Mexicanos en Exilio, Cine Las Americas, and Austin Tan Cerca

Wednesday, May 8. 7 PM - FREE

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Along the railroad tracks in Ixtepec Oaxaca, Father Alejandro Solalinde founded and built a shelter to provide refuge to Central American migrants who ride on top of the trains on their way to the United States. Solalinde's struggle intersects with the changing lives of dozens of women and men, who compelled by hope for a better life, wait for the moment when they will embark on their perilous journeys north.


Frente a las vías del tren, el sacerdote Alejandro Solalinde funda y construye un albergue en Ixtepec, Oaxaca, para dar refugio y alivio espiritual a migrantes centroamericanos. La lucha de Solalinde se entrecruza con las cambiantes vidas de mujeres y hombres, que movidos por la fe y la necesidad de trabajo digno, aguardan el momento de desafiar los peligros de su viaje al norte.


About The Director


Filmmaker who graduated from CUEC, UNAM. Alternates between making documentaries and teaching, and since 2006 has been promoting documentaries through the Festival of Memory in Cuernavaca, Morelos. Has also worked in cultural television. Has received over 15 awards and acknowledgements in Mexico and internationally for her documentaries: EL CASO MOLINET, EL CÍRCULO ETERNO, MUXES: AUTÉNTICAS, INTRÉPIDAS, BUSCADORAS DEL PELIGRO, LOS DEMONIOS DEL EDÉN. Belongs to the National System of Creators.

El albergue

2012, Mexico, Documentary
86 min. Digital, Color


Sacerdote (Priest) Alejandro Solalinde,
migrantes centroamericanos (Central American Migrants)


Written and Directed by Alejandra Islas
Producer: Eli Bartolo
Cinematographer: Alejandra Islas
Editing: Alejandro Quesnel, Alejandra Islas
Sound: Jaime Oso Pavón, Cola de Tigre Estudio
MusicFernando Mariña
Production Companies: Utopía Producciones, Rabacanda Films, FOPROCINE, CONACULTA

Print Source: IMCINE