Pachamamaindigenous woman
Eryk Rocha
Brazil, Documentary, 2008
105 min, Video, Color
Portuguese, Spanish, and Quechua with English subtitles

Pachamama tells the story of the director's journey through the Brazilian rainforest on his way to Perú and Bolivia, where he encounters the reality of people historically cut-off from the political process of their own country and that, for the first time, are attempting to have a say in the outcome of their own fate. The title of the film, Pachamama, is a word that means “Mother Earth” to certain groups of Native Americans, and refers to the bucolic goddess of the rural workers. A meditative film that also reveals social movements and moments often obscured from outsiders.


All audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Friday April 24, 8 PM

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Eryk Rocha was born in Brasilia in 1978 and has lived in various countries in Latin America. He studied cinema at San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. His first feature fiction film, Transeunte, will be released this year.

Producer: Urca Filimes, Leonardo Eddes
Screenwriter: Eryk Rocha
Cinematographer: Eryk Rocha
Editor: Eryk Rocha, Eva Randolph
Music: Aurélio Dias