Simples mortaisAconchega, Amadeu
Mere Mortals

Mauro Giuntini
Brazil, Drama, 2007
80 min, 35mm, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles


As they chase dreams that have lost all meaning, a widowed father and his musician son, a TV broadcaster and her younger boyfriend, and a married professor inspired by his student, must negotiate what to sublimate and what to consummate in their desires. The film explores how modern-day life leads people astray from their most genuine expressions in the name of convention. The pressures and stress Leonardo Medeiroscomo, Prof Jonasof day-to-day life, loneliness, and the absence of communication conspire to transport the characters into seemingly empty lives.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Saturday April 25, 6 PM

Mauro Giuntini was born in Brasilia, in 1965. His work includes films developed from alternative fictional narrative forms, such as O perfumado, and documentaries on Brazilian social issues, such as Por longos dias. He has been a lecturer in film and audiovisual studies courses at the Catholic University of Brasilia since July 2000. Simples mortais is his first feature film.

Producer: Marcio Curi
Screenwriter: Di Moretti
Cinematographer: Andre Luis da Cunha
Editor: Willem Dias
Music: Patrick de Jongh
Cast: Leonardo Medeiros, Chico Sant’ Anna, Narciza Leão