Pedro e o capitánPedro-e-o-capitan-Maquina-con-texto
Pedro and the Captain

Pablo Iglesias
Spain, Drama, 2008
96 min, HDCam, Black and White
Galician with English subtitles

Pedro and the Captain, a film based on a play by Argentine writer Mario Benedetti, is a film propelled by its form and its content. Both dimensions are developed rigorously to transmit an idea of veracity in four encounters between torturer and prisoner, and the effect of the film’s audiovisual style is to physically discomfort the viewer as he or she is encouraged to identify with the prisoner. The film gives pre-eminence to action, to the actors, to the dialogue, and to PRENSA PEDRO Y EL CAPITANthe brief, precise reflections upon sensations and emotions.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Thursday April 23, 10 PM

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Pablo Iglesias was born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, in 1977. His passion for cinema began during his childhood, when he filmed several videos at for school contests. After those amateur videos he attained national and international recognition with a series of short films shot in black and white. His fascination with other cultures led him to Denmark, where he earned a degree from the European Film College in 1999. He also holds a European Certificate in Audiovisual Financing and Commercialization from the Sorbonne. He currently works in Spain, where he founded Ledesma Productions. Peter and the Captain is his first feature film as director.

Producer: Ana Marino
Screenwriter: Gonzalo G. Velasco
Cinematographer: Juan Hernández
Editor: Joserra Lorenzo
Music: Manuel Riveiro
Cast: Diego Anido, Miguel de Lira