Julio Hernández Cordón
Guatemala, Drama, 2007
75 min, DVCam, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Three teenagers—Gerardo, Nano and Raymundo—spend their spare time stealing gasoline to go joyriding. They travel in one of their mother’s car without a fixed destination, looking to entertain themselves. Each stop is a crash with reality that puts their friendship to the test, showing that teenage friendships have a thin line that separates betrayal, deception, and a kamikaze-like solidarity. Gasolina is an intimate story that shows that youth, country, and future are defined by extremes.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Friday April 24, 10 PM

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Julio Hernández Cordón was born in North Carolina in 1975. He studied Communication Science at the Universidad Rafael Landívar in Guatemala and Filmmaking at Mexico’s CCC. He has made three shorts (Km 31, De mi corazón un pedacito tú tienes and Maleza) and two documentaries (Norman and Sí hubo genocidio). In 2007, his first narrative feature, Gasolina, landed three awards at San Sebastián Festival’s Films in Progress initiative: Industry Award, Casa de América Award and CICAE Award.

Gasolina PosterProducer: Donald K. Ranvaud, Silvio Sardi
Screenwriter: Julio Hernández Cordón
Cinematographer: María Secco
Editor: Aina Calleja
Music: David Mantecón
Cast: Francisco Jácome, Carlos Dardón, Gabriel Armas, Daneri Gudiel, Patricia Orantes, Josué Sotomayor, Edgar Calel