El cielo, la tierra y la lluviaEl Cielo La Tierra y LLluvia
The Sky, the Earth, and the Rain
José Luis Torres Leiva
Chile/France/Germany, Drama, 2008
110 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish [NO subtitles]


El cielo, la tierra y la lluvia deals with the lives of four lonely people living through monotony and silence in the south of Chile. They meet to eat, walk on the beach, take the ferry or simply to accompany each other without needing to say anything. In a way, they try to save themselves in a silent, furtive, and extreme manner. They search for love, sex, inexistent family affection, and their own space and time, not only to distance themselves from the loneliness that intimately brings them together, but, ultimately, to find themselves.



All audiences



Regal Metropolitan, Wednesday April 29, 2 PM

Note: this film is in Spanish, without subtitles. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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José Luis Torres Leiva, born in Chile in 1975, is the young director of various short films and a documentary, including Los muertos and Ningún lugar en ninguna parte. El cielo, la tierra y la lluvia is his first feature film and has already won the FIPRESCI award in Rotterdam.


el_cielo_la_tierra_y_La_lluvia_pProducer: Bruno Betatti
Screenwriter: José Luis Torres Leiva
Cinematographer: Inti Briones
Editor: Ilan Stehberg, José Luis Torres Leiva
Cast: Julieta Figueroa, Pablo Krogh, Mariana Muñoz, Angélica Riquelme