Jorge Olguín
Chile, Horror, 2008
80 min, HD, Color

A ten-year-old girl awakes alone in the middle of a ravaged and abandoned territory. She begins to wander around the contaminated land in search of food and people, but she discovers that she is caught in the middle of a war where military officials, patrolling the land covered in gas masks, execute people in horrible ways. The girl realizes that the only people who survive the mass executions show severe infections on their bodies so she finds her only company in other small children who share with her the recurrent dream of going to the ocean. In search of their common objective the group of children embarks on a journey to the ocean, crossing a city in ruins followed by the dangerous armed military.


Mature audiences

Alamo Village, Monday April 27, 9:45 PM

Director Jorge Olguín in attendance


As a young boy obsessed with horror films, Jorge Olguín shot countless homemade movies as an adolescent. He went on to make several short films in college that were honored at festivals. Angel negro, his first feature film—made with a budget of only $25,000 in 1999—was a box-office success. In 2002 he directed Sangre eterna, an unusual film about vampires, which was also a success in Chile. He enjoys a reputation as one of Chile’s most solid directors of horror films.

solos_pProducer: Jorge Olguín
Screenwriter: Jorge Olguín, Carolina García
Cinematographer: Juan Carpintero
Editor: Guillermo Pérez, Jorge Olguín
Music: Claudio Pérez
Cast: Camille Lynch, Carolina Andrade, Cristóbal Barra, Karina Pizarro