Lo bueno de llorarLo bueno de llorar
About Crying

Matías Bize
Spain/Chile, Drama, 2007
80 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Lo bueno de llorar tells the story of a couple, Vera and Alejandro, in the midst of ending their relationship. They are faced with a long night of decisions, doubts, fears, lies, silences, reflections and arguments. In a style reminiscent of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset (2004), Bize’s film ultimately explores the dissolution of the couple. Intent on exploring the hidden feelings involved in a relationship through its minimalist style, the film reveals the dishonesty that may Lo bueno de llorarexist in a relationship, but also great truths about human beings.



Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Wednesday April 29, 10 PM

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Matías Bize was born in Santiago, Chile in 1979. Just before graduation from film school at 23 years old, he directed the film Sábado, which received several awards and rave reviews. He recently directed En la cama, for which he won Best Film at Valladolid International Film Festival.



lo-bueno-de-llorar-pProducer: Carlota Guerrero
Screenwriter: Matías Cornejo, Matías Bize
Cinematographer: Gabriel Díaz
Editor: Sergi Dies
Music: Diego Fontecilla
Cast: Alex Brendemühl, Vicenta Ndongo, Eloi Yebra, Biel Duran, Nora Navas, Paul Berrondo, Alfonso Bayard, Toni González, Andrés Herrera, Bruto Pomeroy, Elena Corredera