Diary of Sintra - Dirty ClothesDiário de Sintra
The Diary from Sintra

Paula Maria Gaitán
Brazil, Documentary, 2007
90 min, Digital, Color
Portuguese, Spanish, French, English with English subtitles

Using home movies and other media, Diário de Sintra documents director Paula Gaitán’s return to the Portuguese city of Sintra, to search for memories of her late husband, Brazilian cinema novo pioneer Glauber Rocha. Gaitán and Rocha lived exiled in Portugal in 1981 with their two children, Eryk and Ava, before his untimely death. The filmmaker’s layered experimental work creates an impression of the past Glauber Rochathrough its rich accumulation of images, meditations, and reminiscences.


All audiences

MACC, Friday April 24, 5:15 PM


Paula Gaitán, born in Paris in 1954, is a visual artist, photographer, poet and filmmaker. She graduated in visual arts and philosophy at Universidad de Los Andés de Bogotá, Colombia and then moved to Brazil in 1977. Since then she has been working as an experimental cinema professor at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, in Rio de Janeiro and is an associate at Aruac Filmes Productions. Her documentary feature film Uaká, about a recently discovered tribe in the Amazonian jungle, garnered awards at Amiens, San Francisco and Brasilia.

Producer: Urca Filmes, Aruac Produções, Filmes Do Tejo
Screenwriter: Paula Gaitán
Cinematographer: Paula Gaitán, Pedro Urano
Editor: Paula Gaitán, Daniel Paiva
Music: Edson Secco