Juan Frances: LiveJuan-Frances-Live
Amy French
USA, Comedy, 2007
91 min, HDV, Color
English and Spanish with English subtitles

Jonathan French, a little white orphan boy, was adopted as a baby by his Mexican Nanny and Gardener in Beverly Hills. On his 10th birthday, he was miraculously blessed by the Virgin of Guadalupe with the gift of music. While Juan rises from the half-empty soccer bars and Mexican restaurants of East L.A. to international stardom, he changes for the worse, under the influence of a wanna-be Puerto Rican movie star and Cuban talent manager. And when the dark truth about his history is revealed, he must choose between the American-Mexican man he feels he is in his heart, and the 33 year-old bald white guy he sees in the mirror. This irreverant musical mockumentary finds the humor in one man’s search for ethnic identity against the backdrop of a celebrity obesessed culture.



All audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Wednesday April 29, 8 PM

Director Amy French in attendance

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Amy French has worked as an actress in film, television, and TV commercials. She wrote and starred in the short film “Jack and Jill,” which screened at film festivals nationwide. An award winning playwright, her production of the comedy, “7 Redneck Cheerleaders” received rave reviews and was nominated for the LA Weekly Award for Best Ensemble Comedy. Amy is currently in pre-production on a documentary and 2 webisode series.

Producer: Chris B. Moore
Screenwriter: Spencer John French, Amy French
Cinematographer: Stephanie Martin
Editor: Timoth Snell
Music: El Ciclón
Cast: Spencer John French, Lupe Ontiveros, Danny Trejo, Elisa Bocanegra, María Esquivel