Básicamente un pozoFotograma
The Hole Thing

Grupo Humus
Argentina, Comedy, 2009
65 min, HDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Básicamente un pozo narrates the story of a primary school language arts teacher trying to solve a physics problem about perpetual motion. In order to solve it, he decides he must dig a hole that reaches to the other side of the world. He suddenly finds his family, friends, students, and the whole community rooting for him to succeed in his quest.



All audiences

MACC, Saturday April 25, 2 PM




Grupo Humus is an Argentinean film quartet which formed in Buenos Aires, but its members—Agu Grego, Ber Chese, Fede Barroso Lelouche, and Nacho Laxalde—are natives of different regions of the country. Each member contributes his knowledge and experience from all corners of the performance world, including art, music, and theater, to create their new medium of expression: film. Several of their productions have garnered praise and awards around the world and they continue to come up with projects collectively.

Producer: Grupo Humus
Screenwriter: Grupo Humus
Cinematographer: Grupo Humus
Editor: Grupo Humus
Music: Ber Chese, Pablo Viltes
Cast: Antonio Bax, Adriana Garibaldi, Alberto Pereyra, Natalia Santiago, Laura Parraquini, Facundo Alcodoy, Carlos Cartagenova