Breaking Nikki
Hernan Findling
Argentina, Thriller, 2008
87 min, HD, ColorBreaking Nikki
English with Spanish subtitles


Nikki is a prostitute used to meeting unusual men in unusual situations. When she meets Devon, a high-ranking executive, she gets the impression he is a wealthy, secure man who has everything she needs. But a sinister game begins when she finds Susan, Devon’s ex-wife, locked down in his cellar and Devon’s twisted nature begins to emerge.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Friday April 24, 11:59 PM

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Hernan Findling has a long career as a cinematographic producer, especially in horror films. In 2008 he was the executive producer of three movies, including Breaking Nikki, Negro Buenos Aires and Lo siniestro.

Producer: Hernan Findling, Martin Lahaye, Gabriel Lahaye
Screenwriter: Hernan Findling, German Val, Nicanor Loreti
Cinematographer: Alejandro Milan Pastori
Editor: Guille Gatti
Music: Jose Komesu
Cast: Veronica Mari, Maria Ines Alonso, Oliver Kolker, Maxime Segue