Historias de fútbolhistorias-de-futbol
Soccer Stories
Andrés Wood
Chile, Comedy, 1997
90 min, S16mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


Historias de fútbol portrays the life, love, and passion involved in soccer, one of the twentieth century’s most important rituals, through the lives of three different characters. The star player of a small neighborhood team from Santiago de Chile is offered a bribe and the possibility of playing professional football. A boy from Northern Chile wins a classic neighborhood pichanga football contest. In the process, however, he loses the few pesos he had gained from pawning one of his mother’s last items of value. A kid from the city finds himself stranded in a remote corner of the southern island of Chiloé on the day of the World Cup qualifying match for the Chilean National team. The only television in the area is at the house of the old Serón sisters, where the kid finds himself in the middle of more than he bargained for.




Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Saturday April 25, 2 PM


Andrés Wood, born in 1965 in Chile, graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Chile before he headed to NYU to study film. After his return to Chile, Wood directed his first full-length film, Historias de fútbol, which was received with critical praise. His 2004 film Machuca garnered nominations and awards from across the globe, including wins at the Viña del Mar Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Historias de Futbol PProducer: Andrés Honorato
Screenwriter: René Arcos, Andrés Wood
Cinematographer: Igor Jadue-Lillo
Editor: Andrea Chignoli
Music: Miguel Miranda, Miguel Tobar
Cast: María Izquierdo, Else Poblete, Daniel Muñoz, Manuel Aravena, Ximena Rivas, Fernando Gallardo, Pedro Villagra, Néstor Cantillana, Boris Quercia, Rodolfo Pulgar