La fiebre del lococanuto
Loco Fever

Andrés Wood
Chile, Spain, Mexico, Drama, 2001
94 min, 35 mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


A small fishing village in the south of Chile becomes a magnet for hordes of divers, fishermen, merchants, businessmen and prostitutes, who flock in from around the country when the ban on a prized, yet endangered mollusk—“el loco” (the abalone)—is lifted ever so briefly by fishing authorities. Father Antonio is intent on both preventing his flock from running wild as well as raising enough cash for a new antenna that would allow his radio station, “Mother of the Divine Providence” to reach the entire region. The fishing village is also invaded by a small band of hookers led by Norma, a madam who drives her girls in a battered bus to any place around the country mujerwhere there is action. Carlos Maldonado, a former local diver, comes home after a seven-year absence to join this bizarre group of people so he can buy abalone for a Japanese firm, and also to see Sonia, a love interest from the past.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Sunday April 26, 2 PM

Andrés Wood, born in 1965 in Chile, graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Chile before he headed to NYU to study film. After his return to Chile, Wood directed his first full-length film, Historias de fútbol, which was received with critical praise. His 2004 film Machuca garnered nominations and awards from across the globe, including wins at the Viña del Mar Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival.


la_fiebre_pProducer: Pepe Torres
Screenwriter: Andrés Wood, Gilberto Villaroel, René Arcos
Cinematographer: Joan Littin
Editor: Andrea Chignoli
Music: Carlos Cabeza, Jeanet Pualuan y Diego Las Heras.
Cast: Emilio Bardi, Luis Margani, Loreto Moya, Tamara Acosta, Luis Dubó, Julio Marcone