Sangre eternaSangre Eterna
Eternal Blood

Jorge Olguín
Chile, Horror, 2002
100 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Carmilla is a journalism student at the university whose romantic interest in a mysterious classmate named “M” leads her to join a group of role game players who are obsessed with a game named “Sangre eterna” (Eternal Blood). What begins as a harmless game quickly turns into a nightmare when, during a party at an abandoned house, the group meets Dahmer, who Sangre-Eterna-16initiates them into the rites of vampirism. Now, M must face his darkest fears and obliterate this evil before it’s too late.


Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Saturday April 25, 11:59 PM

Director Jorge Olguín in attendance

As a young boy obsessed with horror films, Jorge Olguín shot countless homemade movies as an adolescent. He went on to make several short films in college that were honored at festivals. Angel negro, his first feature film—made with a budget of only $25,000 in 1999—was a box-office success. In 2002 he directed Sangre eterna, an unusual film about vampires, which was also a success in Chile. He enjoys a reputation as one of Chile’s most solid directors of horror films.

SangreEterna_pProducer: Daniel Pantoja
Screenwriter: Carolina García, Jorge Olguín
Cinematographer: José Luis Arredondo
Editor: Jorge Olguín
Music: Rodrigo Cuadra, Gamal Eltit
Cast: Juan Pablo Bastidas, Blanca Lewin, Patricia López, Consuelo Hopzapfel, Carlos Borquez, Yerko Farías, Ximena Huillipán, Claudio Espinosa, Javier Contador, Willy Sembler