Gonzalo Justiniano
Chile, Drama, 1994
90 min, 35mm, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Amnesia is a thriller of truth, forgetfulness, vengeance and encounters. Zúñiga and Ramírez, two pawns of a war no one wants to recall, are lonely men that find each other after a long period of time. Set in the city of Valparaíso and the Atacama Desert, the film deals with the encounter of the tortured and their torturers after the end of the Pinochet dictatorship. Amnesia is an essential reference for understanding this dramatic period of transition in Chile. The film garnered several awards worldwide, including Audience Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 1995. Amnesia is a film where the more you remember, the more you want to forget.

Mature audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Thursday April 23, 10 PM

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After studying at the Paris University and the Louis Lumière Film School in France, Gonzalo Justiniano moved back to Chile to produce Los guerreros pacifistas (The Pacifist Warriors), a documentary about the punk movement in Chile. His first feature film, Los hijos de la guerra fría, won the award for Best First Feature in Biarritz, among other awards. In 1988, his film Sussi was a box office success. After 2000, he directed the feature films El Leyton, B-Happy –winner of several international awards–and Lokas.

amnesia_pProducer: Luis Justiniano
Screenwriter: Gonzalo Justiniano, Gustavo Frías
Cinematographer: Hans Burmann
Editor: Danielle Fillios
Music: Miguel Miranda, José Miguel Tobar
Cast: Julio Jung, Pedro Vicuña, José Secall, Marcela Osorio, Miriam Palacios, Nelson Villagra, Carla Cristi