The-Light-Grey-People-lgp5Hleh-pai ndé: The Light Grey People
Sarah Garrahan, Daniel Hill

USA, Documentary, 2008
10 min, Video, Color


This is the story of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas, a Native American tribe indigenous to the state. Though they have been present in Texas and the surrounding areas for hundreds of years, their story is hardly taught and their existence is not recognized. In October 2008, members of the Lipan Apache Tribe opened the first museum for the continuation and preservation of their culture. This documentary aims to bring awareness to one Native American group that has become endangered through centuries of oppression and assimilation. As Lipan Tom Castillo expressed, “Hopefully now we can tell our story. Without fear.”

All audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Saturday April 25, 2 PM [Hecho en Tejas Showcase]

Director Daniel Hill in attendance