CruzandoManny with bike

Michael Escamilla, Mando Alvarado
USA, Drama/Comedy, 2009
95 min, DV, Color
English and Spanish with English subtitles

What do you do if the day your first child is to be born is also the same day your father is to be executed? If you are twenty-six-year old Manny, you use your father's impending execution as an excuse to flee the daunting responsibility of fatherhood. There's only one problem: Manny lives in Monterrey, Mexico and his father sits in on death row in Texas. Against his wife's wishes, Manny embarks on an ill-planned quest to cross the border to see his father, hoping that the trip will buy him time and insight into his upcoming responsibility. Cruzando is a tale about friendship, fatherhood, and self-discovery that winds itself through the distinct culture of the Texas-Mexico border. The film combines offbeat humor with pathos in showing a young man discovering who he is and what he is meant to be.


All audiences

Regal Metropolitan, Friday April 24, 4 PM

Producers Liza Rodriguez and Rene Garza in attendance

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Michael Ray Escamilla is an award-winning actor, director, writer based in New York City. He is the recipient of the prestigious Helen Hayes and OBIE awards for acting. Mando Alvarado is a director, writer and actor from Pharr, Texas, and a member of INTAR’s Hispanic Playwright in Residence Laboratory. Escamilla and Alvarado are both in development for their next feature First Born, a psychological thriller based on cult activity on the Mexican border during the Reagan era.

Producer: Liza Rodriguez
Screenwriter: Michael Escamilla, Mando Alvarado
Cinematographer: Bo Bilstrup
Editor: Dan Marks
Music: Enrique Feldman
Cast: Mando Alvarado, Michael Escamilla, David Barrera, Janis Dardaris, Anthony Campisi, Gerardo Rodriguez, Maria Lopez