Profesión cineroPROFESION-CINERO-03
The Cinero

Hugo Gamarra Etcheverry
Paraguay, Documentary, 2007
60 min, MiniDV, Color
Spanish with English subtitles

Tito Juan Vera used to work as film projectionist, unveiling the magic of the movies to people in the Paraguayan interior. In Profesión cinero, Tito tells of his experiences and commemorates the golden days of cinema, through the thousands of film reels, posters, and equipment conserved from his job.


All audiences

MACC, Thursday April 23, 6 PM

Director Hugo Gamarra Etcheverry in attendance


Forty-six-year old Hugo Gamarra Etcheverry is a filmmaker, director of the Asunción International Film Festival, and president of the Paraguayan Cinémathèque. He spent two years at Kent State in Ohio studying journalism and later transferred to the University of Texas at Austin’s film program. He has worked on various films including the documentary El portón de los sueños, which he directed, about Paraguayan author Augusto Roa Bastos.

Producer: Hugo Gamarra Etcheverry
Screenwriter: Hugo Gamarra Etcheverry
Cinematographer: Richard Careaga, Emilio Careaga, Christian Núñez
Editor: Eduardo Mora, Jorge Peralta
Music: Eric Chapelle, Jorge Garbet