Kanien’ kehá:ka—Living the LanguageMohawk Children
Paul Rickard, Tracey Deer
Canada, Documentary, 2008
62 min, Video, Color
Mohawk with English subtitles

Kanien’ kehá:ka—Living the Language is a two-part documentary series about what it takes to save a language in the Mohawk community of Akwesasne. The documentary examines various aspects and approaches of the Akwesasne Freedom School and its Mohawk language immersion program, which addresses key concepts of tradition, traditional education and identity preservation. The school has been in existence for 26 years with a philosophy “to create Mohawk speakers and leaders for two worlds.”



All audiences

MACC, Thursday April 23, 9 PM


Paul Rickard is the president of the Montreal-based production company Mushkeg Media, through which he was worked on numerous projects relating to the Native experience. Tracey Deer is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and owner of Mohawk Princess Productions, through which she produces her own works of fiction.

Producer: Paul M. Rickard, George Hargrave
Screenwriter: Janice Benthin, Paul M. Rickard
Cinematographer: Paul M. Rickard
Editor: James Malloch
Music: Dino Emilio Giancola