Grissi siknis: La enfermedad mágica de la selvaGrissi Siknis
Grissi Siknis: The magic illness of the rain forest

Enrique Ruiz-Skipey
Mexico/Nicaragua/Spain, Drama, 2008
94 min, HDV/Video/S16mm, Color
Spanish and Miskito with English subtitles

The jungle madness known as Grissi Siknis is a contagious, naturally bound syndrome that occurs among the Miskito of Eastern Central America and affects mainly young women. Grissi Siknis is typically characterized by long periods of anxiety, nausea, dizziness, irrational anger and fear interlaced with short periods of rapid frenzy in which the victims lose consciousness, and believe that devils beat them, have sexual relations with them, and run away. Traditional Miskito tradition holds that Grissi Siknis is caused by possession by evil spirits or inflicted by a malevolent evil sorcerer. While Western medicine typically has no effect on those affected with the disease, the remedies of Miskito herbalists or healers are often successful in curing the madness.


Mature audiences

MACC, Saturday April 25, 8 PM


Enrique Ruiz-Skipey, born in Barcelona, is a lawyer and economist, and he has lived in Brussels, Damascus and Nicaragua working with international cooperation projects. Since 2005, he has dedicated his talent to the production and direction of documentaries. Some of his films have been listed in festivals such as the Bilbao Gay Film Festival, Documenta Madrid and the Bogotá Film Festival.

Producer: Mónica Documet
Screenwriter: Enrique Ruiz-Skipey
Cinematographer: Horacio Alcalá
Editor: Enrique Ruiz-Skipey, Horacio Alcalá
Music: Milan Durdevic