Bracero StoriesSmiling Braceros in a Field
Patrick Mullins
USA, Documentary, 2008
56 min, MiniDV, Color and Black & White
Spanish and English with English subtitles


Bracero Stories explores the personal experiences of five former “guest workers” in the controversial US-Mexican government Bracero Program, which granted temporary work contracts to millions of Mexican laborers between 1942 and 1964. Their stories are interwoven and illustrated with archival materials, creating a composite narrative of the “bracero” experience. Interviews with other participants in the program assess its effectiveness—and its justness. These discussions mirror contemporary concerns about illegal immigration and the possible implementation of a new guest worker program. Ultimately, the film seeks to put a human face on the concept of foreign “guest worker.”


All audiences

MACC, Saturday April 25, 4 PM



Patrick Mullins has been producing and directing documentary and sponsored video for the past 15 years. He was also a freelance music editor and assistant picture, sound, and music editor on feature films and television programs for over 20 years. He has an M.A. in Communications from William Paterson University of New Jersey (1996), and an M.A. in Cinema Studies and Cultural Studies from NYU (1999). Patrick is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Texas El Paso, where he teaches video production and editing, and other courses in film and media.

Producer: Patrick Mullins
Screenwriter: Patrick Mullins, Violeta Dominguez
Editor: Patrick Mullins
Music: Ricardo Valencia