A Arvore da MúsicaPupi
The Music Tree

Otavio Juliano
Brazil, Documentary, 2009
75 min, DVC/HD/HDV, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles

On the official web site of the Brazilian Environmental Institute, the Brazilian wood pernambuco appears on the list of plant species threatened with extinction. Found only in the remnants of the devastated Atlantic Rainforest in the coast of Brazil, this tree has been vital in the manufacturing of fine violin bows and other instruments ever since Mozart was composing his masterpieces in Vienna. A Arvore da Música explores a path to saving the imperiled trees, along with the music that depends on them.



All audiences

MACC, Saturday April 25, 6 PM

Producer Luciana Ferraz in attendance


Otavio Juliano graduated from UCLA's Film, TV and New Media program and went on to work as an assistant to Aldo Mark Miceli, a Grammy Award winner director for Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour. In 2001 he co-founded InterFace Films along with producer Luciana Ferraz. Since then, Juliano has directed the documentaries Drive & Roll and Third World California, officially selected for the 22nd Chicago Latino Film Festival and for the 2006 Los Angeles Chicano Film Festival. He is currently co-directing Diving for Life, a documentary about the dangerous free-diving lobster fisherman perform on a daily basis.

Producer: Otavio Juliano
Screenwriter: Otavio Juliano
Cinematographer: Hélcio Nagamine
Editor: InterFace Films
Music: Oliver Nave