13 pueblos en defensa del agua, el aire y la tierra Cascada de Bedoya sistema de barrancas de Morelos
13 Pueblos Defending Water, Air, and Land

Francesco Taboada Tabone
Mexico, Documentary, 2008
63 min, Video, Color
Nahuatl and Spanish with English subtitles


In the future, wars will be fought over water, but in Mexico the war has already begun. This documentary contemplates Mexico’s destiny, telling the story of the struggle of its indigenous people to preserve their natural resources and their cultural identity.



All audiences

MACC, Friday April 24, 4 PM




Francesco Taboada Tabone is a Mexican history professor and self-taught cinematographer. He has directed two short films, and is currently working on two documentaries. 13 Pueblos was awarded the Rigoberta Menchú Award at Montreal People’s Festival.

Producer: Fernanda Robinson, Atahualpa Caldera
Screenwriter: Francesco Taboada Tabone
Cinematographer: Francesco Taboada Tabone
Editor: Francesco Taboada Tabone and Atahualpa Caldera
Music: Yoshiko Ukiike and Aldo Tabone