Master Classes at the
14th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival

As part of our mission to support diverse voices and perspectives in cinema, Cine Las Americas presents a series of Master Classes during the Festival, during which filmmakers based in the U.S. and Mexico will share their knowledge and expertise with attendees. Industry professionals in screenwriting, directing, producing and marketing will discuss their work, reflect on how filmmaking and distribution have been adapting nationally and internationally to reach audiences, and provide insight into the future of independent and collaborative cinema arts.


Carmen Marron, Writer/Director/Producer, Go For It!, “From Conception to Theatrical Distribution, Sí Se Puede Filmmaking”

Mexican American Cultural Center
Mon. April 25th 4:00 PM



Come learn how an indie filmmaker can use the grassroots approach to make a tiny budget film and find distribution. Indie filmmaker Carmen Marron will share how she took an idea about an inspirational dance film Go For It! all the way to getting US theatrical distribution on May 13th from Pantelion films (Lionsgate). Carmen wrote, directed, and produced her first feature film without any filmmaking experience. She and her husband financed it and found distribution independently, without an agent, sales agent or getting into any top festivals.



Film Screening
Go for it! is showing at the Alamo South Lamar - Sat. April 23 7:00 PM (Movie synopsis and tickets)


Photos courtesy of Sparkhope Productions


Andrés Martínez Ríos, Founder and Director, Aatomo Rentas/Chemistry Cine, “Mexico and the Re-imagination of the Film Industry”

Mexican American Cultural Center
Tues. April 26th 4:00 PM


Andres-Martinez-RiosIn the last ten years Mexican filmmaking has undergone a metamorphosis; these changes have placed Mexico in an important position among critics. The reasons include: creative proposals by filmmakers; new government incentives for production; advancing technologies that make implementing projects more accessible; or even Mexican peoples’ desire to share their realities with the world. Join Andrés Martínez Ríos in a master class, using as case study the film Jean Gentil (Dir. Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas), for a discussion of the current state of international cooperation in production and post-production, as well as a consideration of future possibilities of cooperation between Mexico and the United States.




Jean-GentilFilm Screening
Jean Gentil is showing at the Alamo South Lamar - Sun. April 24 7:00 PM (Movie synopsis and tickets)






Sergio Carvajal, Facundo Productions, El Gallo miniseries, “Remember The EastSide: How Community Cinema Killed Hollywood”

Mexican American Cultural Center
Wed. April 27th 4:00 PM


EL-GALLO-Master-Class-Logo_wLet’s face it, things are not going to be changing drastically in Hollywood anytime soon. Stories that disregard race, and that offer entirely new viewpoints and represent the rich medley of cultures in the US, are not going to be the norm in the next five years. Is that depressing? Only if you’re still thinking that Hollywood is the only place that can produce and distribute high quality entertainment. Welcome to the new Hollywood; the one that exists right there in your backyard. This panel brings together a group of artists, joined by a community organizer, who together are finding ways to bypass the burden of standard financing and distribution--closing the door to the Hollywood dream and creating the beginnings of self-sustained high quality community entertainment.




El_Gallo_Nino_Gallo_webEpisode Screening
El Gallo: Niño Gallo
is showing at the MACC - Fri. April 22 6:30 PM (Movie synopsis)





Trina Calderon, Character Development and Screenwriter, Down for Life, “Down for Screenwriting”

Mexican American Cultural Center
Thurs. April 28th 4:00 PM


Trina_Calderon_wA Latina screenwriter, in the current US film industry, is rare. Maybe not as rare as it was 20 years ago, but most of the films at the theater don't have many Latina filmmakers in the credits. It remains the case that the business does not offer Latinas many of the same opportunities that men making action or thriller films seem to get. Join Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW) member Trina Calderon as she discusses her work on the film Down for Life (Dir. Alan Jacobs), for which she was hired to develop a script based on a true story of gang life and death in South Central Los Angeles. Down for Life is Trina’s first screenplay to be produced, and she considers herself lucky that she was able to write a Latina story.





Down_for Life

Film Screening
Down for Life
is showing at Alamo South Lamar - Wed. April 27 6:30 PM (Movie synopsis and tickets)