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Beautiful Sin A film by Gabriela Quirós

Costa Rica/USA, Human Rights/Social Issue Documentary, 201355 min, DVCAM, ColorSpanish, English with English subtitles

Saturday, April 26th 4:00PM

Mexican American Cultural Center

Free Screening

Por las plumas / All About the Feathers A film by Neto Villalobos

Costa Rica, Comedy, 201385 min, Digital, ColorSpanish with English subtitles

Friday, April 25 - 7PMAlamo Drafthouse Village 3Buy Tickets

Sunday, April 27 - 11AMAlamo Drafthouse Village 3Buy Tickets

  La cuesta: Worlding a Sidewalk

Alvaro Torres, Daniel Perera

Costa Rica/Guatemala/USA, Experimental Documentary, 201315 min, HD, Color/Black & WhiteSpanish, English with English subtitles

Director Alvaro Torres in attendance

The places we notice in passing are sites where social hierarchies manifest themselves and interact. In the realm of the visible, only some people are able to remain unseen, to choose whom to see and when. Aesthetics are not how the world is presented to us but rather how it is pre-established for us--what Jacques Ranciere calls “the distribution of the sensible.” What would emerge if we explored an ordinary stretch of sidewalk in the East Side of Austin, Texas, for a period of several months? How and by whom would we be challenged aesthetically and politically? LA CUESTA evokes a place on the side of the road and the lives that sustain it. This interactive documentary is a sensuous ethnography, a confrontation, and a poem.


World Premiere

Print Source: Alvaro Torres Crespo,

Saturday, April 26th 11:00AMMarchesa Hall & TheatreScreens before the feature film CHATELES DEL CAMPOBUY TICKETS



  They Make Noise like Feathers

Alvaro Torres

USA/Costa Rica, Personal Narrative Documentary, 201213 min, HDV, ColorSpanish with English subtitles


THEY MAKE NOISE LIKE FEATHERS is a short documentary that presents a series of Austin characters and their desires to return home. It is an invitation to refect on a very basic human necessity: to think about the place you grew up in and the ever- fleeting possibility of returning.


World Premiere


Print Source: Alvaro Torres,




Gestación Gestation

Esteban Ramírez

Costa Rica, Drama, 2009 91 min, HD, Color Spanish with English subtitles


Jessie is a happy, pretty girl living in a modest part of San José, Costa Rica. The daughter of a religious single mother, she attends a private Catholic school on a scholarship. Teo is a charismatic, mischievous only-child living in an upper middle class area with his strict mother. One mistake will put both Jessie and Teo's lives and love to test in a story based on true events. Winner of the Best Film Award at the Trieste International Film Festival.


Texas Premiere


A graduate of the Universidad de Costa Rica, Esteban Ramírez directed the award-winning, box-office hit Caribe. Another box-office success in Costa Rica, Gestación is his second feature.



Producer: Gabriel Gonzáles, Esteban Ramírez Production Companies: Cinetel Screenwriter: Esteban Ramírez, María Silva Cinematographer: Eduardo Flores Editor: Pablo Rojas, Felipe Lacerda Sound Design: Nano Flores Music: Bernal Villegas Cast: Adriana Álvares, Edgar Róman, María Bonilla, Natalia Arias, Abelardo Vladich Print Source: Pilar Rico - Domain Entertainment,



Alamo South Lamar - Sun. April 24 12:30 PM Buy Tickets