Young Lakota

Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt

USA, Human Rights/Coming of Age/Documentary, 2013
82 min, DVCAM/Mini DV, Color


YOUNG LAKOTA follows three young people on the Pine Ridge Reservation during a tumultuous political season that hinges on reproductive rights and tribal sovereignty. Sunny Clifford, her twin sister Serena, and their neighbor, Brandon Ferguson, share a common dream of helping to create a better future for their tribe. When South Dakota passes a law criminalizing abortion, their tribal President, Cecelia Fire Thunder, challenges it with a threat to build a clinic on the reservation, drawing Sunny, Serena, and Brandon into a political storm that changes the course of each of their lives.


Regional Premiere ,  ,  


Lipshutz RosenblattMarion Lipschutz is a producer, director and writer. Her award-winning films have been distributed theatrically and broadcast on the major networks. Rose Rosenblatt wears multiple hats as a producer, director, and editor. The two met while working on a series about linguistics, and in 1991, they formed Incite Pictures and the non-profit Cine Qua Non. Together they have produced long format documentaries on social and cultural issues.

Producer: Marion Lipschutz, Rose Rosenblatt
Production Companies: Incite Pictures, Cine Qua Non
Screenwriter: Marion Lipschutz
Cinematographer: Gary Griffin
Editor: Rose Rosenblatt, Jeremy Stulberg, Diego Siragna
Sound Design: Susan Bryant
Music: Garth Stevenson
Cast: Sunny Clifford, Brandon Ferguson, Serena Clifford, Cecelia Fire Thunder, Alex White Plume

Print Source: Marion Lipschutz - Incite Pictures/Cine Qua Non, info@incite-


young lakota