Directed by Alberto Isaac
Mexico, Drama, 1976
117 min, Black & White

Cast: Héctor Ortega, Bruno Rey, Arturo Beristáin, Alejandro Parodi, Delia Casanova


Cuartelazo recreates one of the most violent episodes of Mexico’s history, ignited by General Victoriano Huerta’s mandate to assasinate president Francisco Madero. Belisario Domínguez, a doctor and an alternate senator from Chiapas, is elevated to the senate after the death of Madero, and Victoriano Huerta seizes control of the government from Madero, who is arrested and later murdered. Huerta’s totalitarian rule leads Domínguez and other representatives to protest against Huerta's dictatorship, setting off another chain of events that test the will and success of the leaders fighting for a more democratic Mexico.

aisaacAbout Alberto Isaac:

Alberto Isaac was born in 1923 in Mexico City. He studied to be a teacher before becoming a sports journalist and entertainment editor for several national newspapers. He was also a champion swimmer, and participated in the 1952 Olympic games in London. In 1964 he began his career in film directing his first feature En este pueblo no hay ladrones, for which he won the award for Best Foreign Film at the Locarno International Film Festival in 1965.

In the following years, Isaac made documentaries such as La Olimpiada en México (1969) and The World at Their Feet (1970), but his more prolific time as a director was during the presidency of Luis Echeverría. During this period he directed what is considered to be one of his best fims, Los días del amor (1972), as well as Tivoli (1975), Cuartelazo (1977) and Las noches de Paloma (1978). The last two decades of the twentieth century brought national and international recognition for Isaac, with films like Mariana, Mariana (1987) and Mujeres Insumisas (1995). He died in 1998.