la casta divinaLa casta divina

The Divine Caste

Directed by Julián Pastor
Mexico, Drama, 1976
110 min, Color

Cast: Ignacio López Tarso, Ana Luisa Peluffo, Pedro Armendáriz, Jr., Tina Romero


La casta divina is a chronicle of the “caste wars” that took place in Yucatan during the nineteenth century, where the land and the people were the property of the hacendados (landowners and masters), who considered themselves the “divine race.” While General Salvador Alvarado organized the revolution upraise, the hacendados sponsored Colonel Ortiz Argumedo to defend their autonomy, and Don Wilfrido, one of the hacendados, did not hesitate in sending his own son to fight in the struggle to preserve their riches.



julian-pastor-llanezaAbout Julián Pastor:

Julián Pastor has worked as a film and television director, actor, set designer, writer, and teacher. He was born in 1943 in Mexico City, the son of Spanish immigrants. He studied drawing, painting and set design, and architecture at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), a career path that he eventually abandoned to devote himself to filmmaking and art. He studied film at the University of Southern California and acting with Seki Sano, Hector Mendoza and Juan José Gurrola, which led to a long career with over 60 films as an actor which continues to this day.

His first film as director was La justicia tiene doce años in 1970. Other significant works include La venida del Rey Olmos (1975), El esperado amor desesperado (1976), La casta divina (1977), Los pequeños privilegios (1978), and Estas ruinas que ves (1979), based on the novel by Jorge Ibargüengoitia.