New Children / New York Compilation

The film New Children/New York, in Cine Las Americas' Feature Documentaries in Competition this year, documents the process by which three Latino Youths from inner-city New York learn to pick up the camera and tell their own stories in their own ways through that medium. We are proud to present this compilation of New Children/New York youth films, representing many of the youth who participated in the workshops, beyond the three profiled in the documentary.


Fausto el Piro
11 min, Ecuador, 2010

Fight Fight Fight!
New Children/New York Youth Group
7 min, USA/Ecuador/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/Mexico, 2010

Bryan Lopez
8 min, Puerto Rico, 2010

Desiree Camacho
6 min, Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic, 2010

Miriam Patricia Torres
6 min, Ecuador, 2010

My Life
Kelvin Lara
6 min, Dominican Republic, 2010

Sad Churro Family
Joshua Carrero
7 min, Puerto Rico/Aruba/USA, 2010

Toronjil con 12 esencias
Toronjil with 12 Essences
Miriam Patricia Torres
15 min, Ecuador, 2010

Un Ecuatoriano en Nueva York
An Ecuadoran in New York
Fausto El Piro
5 min, Ecuador, 2010

Wrong Way
Michael Vasquez
8 min, Colombia, 2010


Mexican American Cultural Center
Sat. April 23 2:30 PM