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By supporting Cine Las Americas, you are helping to ensure that diversity in theatrical film exhibition and media arts education have a prominent place in the cultural landscape of Austin and in the state of Texas.

Your help is crucial to keeping our programs alive and well. Visit today and join the growing list of donors helping to make Cine Las Americas a sustainable institution and ensuring year-round continuity in our operations and programming. [See who has already supported Save Cine Las Americas]


As a non-profit organization, Cine Las Americas depends on the contributions of people like you to accomplish its mission. For most non-profits, 80 to 95% of operating budgets come from individual donors. Right now, individual contributions account for less than 10% of our budget. We need to change this.

What will your contributions support?

·      Sustainable jobs

·      Year-round programming

·      Computers

·      Service retainer fees

·      Festival awards

·      Travel costs

·      Reliable internet

Since 1997, Cine Las Americas has been a resource for multinational film exhibition, distribution and projection. We are also committed to creating exhibition spaces for traditionally underrepresented groups and to offering special support to minority filmmakers based in Texas and the rest of the United States. Central to this mission is the annual Cine Las Americas International Film Festival, now in its 17th year, showcasing an average of 120 films from over 30 different countries. Your contribution to the Save Cine Las Americas campaign helps to give a well-deserved place to films of artistic excellence, high entertainment value, and cultural diversity that otherwise would not find public exhibition platforms in Texas.