2013 Emergencia Youth Film Program

As a celebration of filmmakers on the rise, Cine Las Americas is proud to present the Emergencia Youth Film Competition, a special section of the festival showcasing works by filmmakers 19 years or younger. This year the competition was curated by members representing Connelly Cougar Productions and the Cinema du Cannes Project, based in Austin, Texas. Cine Las Americas is pleased to open the Emergencia lineup this year with a special presentation of a film produced by participants in the Cinema du Cannes Project. Afterwards, the Emergencia Youth Jury members will share the competition lineup with those in attendance; the films in competition are eligible for an audience award for Best Emergencia Youth Film.

Emergencia Jury Special Presentation

Spoken Like a True Woman

Spoken Like a True Woman
Marissa Luna-Padron
Cinema Du Cannes Project
4 min, Austin, TX, 2012

Women speaking out loud instead of holding their tongues.

Emergencia Youth Film Competition


Facundo Ferreyra, Júlia De Paz, Roger Torres, Bruna Picas
10 min, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain, 2012

A man faces karma after a night out with his girlfriend.

Corriger le tableau

Corriger le tableau
Correcting the Chalkboard
Ensemble for the Respect of Diversity
Wapikoni Mobile
5 min, Canada, 2012

On a blank chalkboard, youth from Manawan rewrite the stories of their lives.


Superfly 2012 Group 1
Longhouse Media
4 min, Seattle, WA, 2012

In order to eat a platter full of cupcakes, two siblings trick their mother.


Feeling the Drift
Daniel Panchevre
Say Sí
11 min, San Antonio, TX, 2012

A young guy suffers a dramatic car accident due to the common practice known as "drifting."


Forever Yours
Anna Clark
Say Sí
5 min, San Antonio, TX, 2012

A short stop-motion animation inspired by the ancient Day of the Dead tradition.


Tanisha Garner
Real to Real, RAW Art Works
3 min, Lynn, MA, 2012

A young woman who has an eye for a place with a bad reputation, rides through the city looking for the beauty within everyday ordinary things.

La Joie de Vivre

La joie de vivre
The Joy of Living
Jérémy Vassiliou
Wapikoni Mobile
5 min, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2011

Jérémy delivers a message of hope by talking about the things that give him the will to live.


Mixed Signals
Steven Martinez
Say Sí
8 min, San Antonio, TX, 2012

One night, magically, a guy meets the love of his life at his school dance.


No Excuses
Lennon Maldonado
Mustang Cinema Club
3 min, San Antonio, TX, 2013

A glimpse inside high school bullying from two different worlds.


Jeremy Hung
6 min, Hong Kong, 2012

A girl trying to relax is plagued by the sound of someone knocking.


SiblingsCLAIFF16 Audience Award Emblem
Leo Aguirre
16 min, Aruba, 2012

After their mother's taunting death, two brothers face opposite life styles.


Thank You
Jelenny Clark
Real to Real, RAW Art Works
3 min, Lynn, MA, 2012

A girl confesses a special thank you to the most important person in the world, her mother.


The Birthday
Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Xstine Cook, Zaiyah Dennie
1 min, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2011

A girl raccoon tells us why she hates birthdays.


The Run Around
Alejandro Peña
Say Sí
34 min, San Antonio, TX, 2012

Three teenagers, untouched by the materialism and vices of secular society, venture into the most mundane environments.


Mia Mendez
Mustang Cinema Club
3 min, San Antonio, TX, 2013

A girl sets up a dinner date only to discover, after hours of waiting, that he never shows up.


When I Met Dottie
Maezy Dennie, Medina Dennie, Zaiyah Dennie, Xstine Cook
2 min, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2012

A young girl makes an unusual discovery in her uncle's playhouse, leading to a conversation about the nature of love.


White Washed
CLAIFF16 Audience Award Emblem

Caytlyn Isham
In Progress
3 min, St. Paul, MN, 2011

An experimental video that questions skin privilege, stereotyping, and prejudice as experienced by a "light skinned" Native woman.

Wish Upon a Star

Wish Upon a Star
Russel Ratt
Wapikoni Mobile
6 min, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, 2012

A mother with a gambling problem neglects her 11 year-old daughter.

Emergencia Youth Jury

Gwen Bethel: Connally High School / Connally Cougar Productions / Cinema Du Cannes

Joseph Escalante: Connally High School / Connally Cougar Productions

Aatiq Ghulam: Connally High School / Connally Cougar Productions

Harley Schmalz: Connally High School / Connally Cougar Productions / Cinema Du Cannes

Emergencia Youth Jury Coordinators

Adolfo R. Mora

Christian D. Nelson