Los Scavengers

Valente Rodriguez

USA, Young Adult/Adventure, 2013
83 min, HD, Color

LOS SCAVENGERS is a story about four boys who believe their hometown is cursed. The boys, Alex, Camilo, David and Roger are hired by Remedios (a local witch) to find Laughing Man, which is a long lost Mayan lucky charm. The boys agree to find Laughing Man if Remedios lifts the town curse and helps the football team win again.

valente-rodriguezValente Rodriguez was born in Edcouch-Elsa, Texas, and has since gone on to success in Hollywood without forgetting his roots in the Rio Grande Valley. Perhaps best known for his role as Ernie in the GEORGE LOPEZ show, he’s acted in a number of tv shows and films, including the features THE RED QUEEN and GONE HOLLYWOOD, which were both shot in the Rio Grande Valley and screened at Cine Las Americas. LOS SCAVENGERS is Valente’s second directorial project.

Producer: David Haines, Demetrius Navarro, Valente Rodriguez
Production Companies: Latino Film Productions, Las Flores Bonitas, D Street Films
Screenwriter: David V. Garcia, David Rice
Cinematographer: Mario Ortiz
Editor: Robert Morrisey
Sound Design:
Music: Michael Ramos
Cast: Jullian Ortiz, Ivonne Coll, Erlinda Orozco, Edward Joseph Pequeño, Rene Gonzales, Rene Olivarez, Ruben Garcia, Martin Garcia, Augustin Castaneda, Paul Alsbury, Valente Rodriguez