Cine Las Americas in the Community

“I found CLA to be one of the most rewarding festival experiences I’ve ever had. The films were uniformly wonderful, the audiences (clearly hungry to see more of these films shown in Austin) were incredibly positive and respectful to the films and filmmakers, and the filmmakers themselves were obviously having a great time and were very generous with their stories in the Q&As.”
- Stephen Jannise, Film Programmer, The Paramount and Stateside Theatres

"I find Cine's uniqueness exists in the year-long programming of content that we don't normally see, even in specialty DVD rental stores. It's important to continually showcase work by or about Latinos and Indigenous people as these works can be overlooked by most media outlets in existence today.”
- Nicole Elmer, Director of In the Shadow, Hecho en Tejas program, 15th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival

"The Consulate General of Mexico greatly values our long lasting partnership with Cine Las Americas and the great programming that has resulted from our efforts to celebrate Mexican films in Texas. Eugenio del Bosque and his team truly strive to bring the best films to our community and we hope to continue to help them support Mexico’s rich tradition and grow in presence in Austin."
Rosalba Ojeda, Consul General of Mexico in Austin, Texas

Cine Las Americas in the Press

“As the Cine Las Americas Film Festival enters its 16th year, it's grown into a place where it's able to serve multiple roles – as both a cultural institution for Austin's sizable Latin American population and a film festival that stands on its own artistically in a town that often seems to be on the verge of being overrun by film festivals.”
- Dan Solomon, The Austin Chronicle, “On the Scene With Cine Las Americas”

“El cine latino e indígena sigue multiplicándose y enriqueciéndose de propuestas diversas. Así que no desaproveches esta oportunidad de ver paisajes de tu tierra o de lugares que nunca has visitado de América Latina, de recrearte en el uso del lenguaje ya sea en español o portugués, o de ver plasmadas realidades que el cine comercial a menudo ignora.”
- Liliana Valenzuela, Ahora Sí, “Imágenes, emociones y vida”

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