Efeito Casimiro

Casimiro Effect

Clarice Saliby

Brazil, Documentary, 2013
15 min, HD, Color
Portuguese with English subtitles


March 8th, 1980, 5:20 AM. In a remote municipality of Rio de Janeiro, 10,000 people watch the sky in silence in hopes of seeing a UFO. Edilson Barbosa, a self-proclaimed messenger from Jupiter, had announced the ET mission a few months before. The arrival of people from all over the world transformed the unlikely town into a UFO Woodstock. EFEITO CASIMIRO has been erica classdltown into a UFO Wbo, 10,000 cluthiser f #0 atUFO WMumbaiatural’s IFF.5:20 AM. 1980, 5:20 AM. Tex ish sut.constantcontace-Las-Americas/10a httpcauthor" c Signupe-Las-Americas/10a httpcauthor"ish sutsh sutontrong>iign: center;>

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