Gift of Gab

Diego Rico

USA, Comedy, 2013
24 min, HDV, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles

Director/producer/actor Diego Rico in attendance

GIFT OF GAB takes place in El Paso, Texas, a place which, although a 21st-century city, still remains an old and undiscovered frontier to many of its citizens, especially Pedro Bustamante. Pedro, unfamiliar with Spanish, taps his Friend, El Amigo, for help in trying to conquer the language so that he may have a chance to conquer his love, Elisa, a Mexican college peer. This bi-cultural love story takes 3 college friends working at the university library on a small adventure that connects them with a much richer past. It is a story that has been told and seen throughout the West, a journey that follows Pedro Bustamante as he navigates the land as a modern day cowboy. Just in the past month, the short film has recently begun to appear on the festival circuit, with successful screenings at the Chicago Latino Film Festival and at WorldFest in Houston, where it received a Remi Award.


Austin Premiere 

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Hecho en Tejas Short Film Showcase
Sunday, April 27th 11:00AM

Marchesa Hall & Theatre


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