Montaje anónimo

Behind the Stage

Marcelo Del Campo

Chile, Art Documentary, 2013
13 min, HDSLR, Color/Black & White
No dialogue


The world behind the stage of the Santiago Municipal Theatre is unknown. To understand it, it is necessary to visit and discover it structurally, functionally, humanly and emotionally. Anonymity is the characteristic that best describes the stage machinery and those that operate it, which has left this trade devoid of recognition, despite constructing a fascinating world, worthy of tribute. MONTAJE ANONIMO received an honorable mention in SANFIC and FICVALDIVIA in 2013 and has just begun to screen on the international festival circuit.


North American Premiere 

Print Source: Marcelo Del Campo, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Saturday, April 26th 8:00PM

Mexican American Cultural Center

Screens before the feature-length documentary
Free Screening

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