Emergencia Youth Film Competition

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24 Dhivehi: (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Maldives) 24 Dhivehi: (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Maldives) Cesar Martinez USA 2013
Bound to Forget Bound to Forget Anna Clark USA 2013
Demanding To Be Heard Demanding To Be Heard Manuel Bernal USA 2013
Eddie Eddie Allison Coon-Come Canada 2013
Friendship Friendship Zaiyah Dennie, Medina Dennie, Ocean Demuth Canada 2013
Los paisanos Los Paisanos Miranda Whitus USA 2013
Shadows Shadows Diesel Garcia USA 2014
Softly Spoken Softly Spoken Aanjeni Twenish Canada 2013
Terribly There Terribly There Gladys Hidalgo USA 2013
The Difference The Difference Keren Rico USA 2013
The Hearing The Hearing Russell Ratt Brascoupe Canada 2013
The Mic The Mic Tanisha Garner USA 2013
Zenaida Zenaida Alec Cano USA 2013

Path Waves, presented in cooperation with
Smithsonian National Museum of American Indian

Beboon & Zigwaan Winter & Spring Joseph Briski, Darrin Brown, Katrina Ducheneaux, Dylan Headbird, Rain Headbird, Dinyce Howard, Devin Johnson, Eliza Kingbird USA 2013
Corriger le tableau Correcting the Chalkboard Ensemble pour le respect et la diversité Canada 2012
How Agate Pass Came to Be   USA 2013
Indian Taxi   Abraham Côté, Kevin Papatie Canada 2011
Injunuity: The Great Law   Adrian Baker USA 2013
Injunuity: Two Spirit   Adrian Baker USA 2013
La joie de vivre The Joy of Living Jérémy Vassiliou Canada 2011
My Name is Kobe   Briana Roberts USA 2010
People of the Water   USA 2013
Respondan a este video carta Reply to this Video Letter Guillermo Monteforte Mexico 2012
Shhh!   Steven Judd USA 2013
Sigo: A Hunter's Story   USA 2013
Skatne Ronatehiarontie They Grow Together Marion Konwennenhon Delaronde Kahnawake (Mohawk Territory) / Canada 2012

Cine Joven: Latino Youth Filmmaking Program at Austin School of Film

Mundos Diferentes, episodes 1-8 USA  

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