Sosúa: Make a Better World

Peter Miller, Renée Silverman

USA, Teen/Urban/Culture/Arts Documentary, 2012
54 min, HDCAM, Color/Black & White


SOSUA: MAKE A BETTER WORLD tells the story of Jewish and Dominican teenagers in New York City's Washington Heights, who under the direction of the legendary theater director, Liz Swados, put on a musical about the Dominican Republic's rescue of 800 Jews from Hitlerʼs Germany. Through the young actors' eyes, we are introduced to a morally complex history in which the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo took in the Jews, largely because they were white. At the same time, he was murdering tens of thousands of Haitians because they were not. Although this little-known Holocaust story is the seed of the theatrical presentation, the film’s main story lies in the present: a disparate group of young, untested, talented Dominican and Jewish kids – through dancing, singing, crying and creating theater together – form new bonds forged on old ties.


Regional Premiere 


Peter Miller Peter Miller is an award-winning filmmaker of documentaries including A.K.A. DOC POMUS and SACCO AND VANZETTI. He has been a producer on numerous documentaries by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Renée Silverman is an award- winning director/producer whose work has been distributed theatrically and broadcast on the major networks including PBS, ARD and ZDF German Public Television Networks, the BBC, Channel Four, UK and NHK among others. Together they are working on their new project, REFUGEE KIDS: ONE SMALL SCHOOL TAKES ON THE WORLD.

Producer: Peter Miller, Renée Silverman
Production Companies: Willow Pond Films
Screenwriter: Aaron Vega, Caroline Berler, Renée Silverman, Peter Miller
Cinematographer: Peter Miller
Editor: Aaron Vega
Sound Design: Caroline Berler
Music: Liz Swados
Cast: Elizabeth Swados, Kaitlin Abreu, Cindy de la Cruz, Kassandra de la Cruz, Marcela Espaillat, Darien Fernandez, Annie Fidoten, Jeremy Gershonowitz, John Gutierrez, Jordan Hoepelman, Derek Jeffry, Cody Kostro, Brett Krutiansky, Hannah Krutiansky, Naomi Nesher, Ben Pakman, Thalia Pignanelli, Luis Rodriguez, Alison Schilling, Margaret Saunders, Zoe Tchapraste Print Source:

Willow Pond Films, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Sosua Make a Better World