La montaña
The Mountain

Tabaré Blanchard, Iván Herrera

Dominican Republic, Documentary, 2012
90 min, Digital, Color
Spanish with English subtitles


In May 2011, a Caribbean expedition made history when the Dominican flag crowned the world's highest mountain: Mount Everest. This mission inspired three young surfers, sons of fishermen in Nizao, who set out to conquer the highest mountain of the island and of the Caribbean, Pico Duarte. This is the story that unites the two missions. A naïve and epic story, built on motivation, inspiration, determination and achievement. It is an adventure that proves that from the sea to the sky, we all have a dream, a goal, a mountain to conquer.


Regional Premiere


Blanchard-and-Herrera directorsTabaré Blanchard is a musician, photographer and film director, and the founder and owner of La Visual Sonora Film Studio. He is working on his first two feature films to be shot in 2013. Iván Herrera has more than 15 years of experience in film and audiovisual production, including the Dominican film LA HIJA NATURAL, which was selected to represent the Dominican Republic in the 2011 Oscars. Both have developed distinguished national and international careers.

Producer: Marco Herrera, Laura Castellanos
Production Companies: La Visual Sonora, Aguaviva
Screenwriter: Tabaré Blanchard
Cinematographer: Iván Herrera
Editor: Tabaré Blanchard
Sound Design: David Hernández
Music: Pavel Núñez
Cast: Iván Gómez, Federico Jovine, Karim Mella

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