Corazón del Cielo, Corazón de la Tierra
Heart of Earth, Heart of Sky 

Eric Enrico Black, Frauke Sandig

Germany/Mexico/Guatemala, Documentary, 2011
98 min, HDcam, Color
Spanish, Maya with English subtitles


How does the story end? Does the water change color? Do the oceans collapse? Does the sky fall as the last tree is cut? HEART OF SKY, HEART OF EARTH allows the Maya of today to answer, following six young Maya in Guatemala and Chiapas through their daily and ceremonial lives, revealing their determination to resist the destruction of their culture and environment. Beautifully filmed over a span of years, the intimate accounts of the protagonists interweave with images associated with the fragile beauty of nature and the creation myth of the Popol Vuh.


Regional Premiere , , 



Eric Black and Frauke SandigEric Black was born in Ohio. He is an accomplished photographer and cinematographer who has won many awards. He graduated with a triple-major in Photography, Political Economy and Anthropology with Honors at the University of California.

Frauke Sandig was born in Germany. After studying Drama and German Literature in Erlangen, she has worked as an award-winning television producer and documentary director of more than thirty documentaries. She is a member of the German Film Academy.

Producer: Eric Enrico Black, Frauke Sandig
Production Companies: Umbrella Films, ZDF/3sat
Screenwriter: Eric Enrico Black, Frauke Sandig
Cinematographer: Eric Black
Editor: Frauke Sandig, Eric Black, Grete Jentzen
Sound Design: Dirk Jacob
Music: Arturo Pantaleón

Print Source: Eric Enrico Black, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Corazon del cielo corazon de la tierra