My Village, My Lobster

Joshua Wolff

Nicaragua/USA, Environmental/Social Issue Documentary, 2012
61 min, HDV, Color
Spanish, English with English subtitles


MY VILLAGE, MY LOBSTER is the powerful and harrowing story of the indigenous Miskito lobster divers along Nicaragua's Atlantic Coast who risk their lives diving for the region's most lucrative resource – the Caribbean spiny lobster. Over the past 20 years, hundreds of Miskito divers have died and thousands more have become paralyzed from decompression sickness, a diving-related condition commonly known as the bends. Through the voices of Miskito lobster divers and their families, as well as boat owners, captains, and doctors, MY VILLAGE, MY LOBSTER tells the story of an industry and a community in crisis.


Regional Premiere , 


joshwolff director webJoshua Wolffe has produced media for a variety of documentary and NGO outlets, from video diaries with ex-child soldiers in northern Uganda, to short films for an NGO working in post-earthquake Haiti, to co-founding The Nomading Film Festival (@noffnyc).  Nomading Films is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Producer: Brad Allgood
Production Companies: Nomading Films
Screenwriter: Brad Allgood, Joshua Wolff
Cinematographer: Joshua Wolff, Brad Allgood
Editor: Brad Allgood, Joshua Wolff
Sound Design: Mike Poppleton
Music: Ben Backus
Cast: Bil Yoelin

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My Village My Lobster