A Última Estação
The Last Stop 

Marcio Curi

Brazil, Drama, 2012
115 min, Digital, Color
Portuguese, Arabic with English subtitles


As teenagers in 1950 Tarik and his younger brother, Karim, left Lebanon and came to Brazil, in search of a better life. On the ship, they made friends with other Lebanese and Syrian teenagers. But upon arrival in Brazil, the friends went their separate ways, and the years pass. In 2001, Tarik loses his wife and, before he dies, he pledges to fulfill some promises. Tarik leaves everything and travels across Brazil, together with his daughter Samia, in search of the boys who came with him from Lebanon, 51 years before. Each stop on this long journey will reveal a fabulous truth of more than 1001 nights.


North American Premiere




Marcio Curi Marcio Curi directed, in partnership with Yanko del Pino, THE TV THAT TURNED ITSELF INTO A MOVIE STAR (1993). Curi also produced CRAZY FOR CINEMA (1995), directed by André Luiz Oliveira, winner of Best Film in the 27th Festival de Brasília do Cinema Brasileiro, and DAUGHTERS OF THE WIND (2004), directed by Joel Zito Araújo, which won eight major awards in the 32nd Gramado Film Festival. In 2010 he decided to return to film directing, the result of which is THE LAST STOP (2012).

Producer: Elizabeth Curi
Production Companies: Asacine Produções
Screenwriter: Di Moretti
Cinematographer: Krishna Schmidt
Editor: Dirceu Lustosa
Sound Design: Dirceu Lustosa
Music: Patrick De Jongh
Cast: Mounir Maasri, Klarah Lobato, Elisa Lucinda, João Antonio, Chico Sant'Anna, Sergio Fidalgo, Narciza Leão, Adriano Siri, Houla Hamadeh, Claude Khalil, Ghassan Estefan

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A Ultima Estacao