Carrière, 250 metros

Carrière: 250 Meters

Juan Carlos Rulfo

Mexico, Autobiographical Documentary, 2011
90 min, HD, Color/Black & White
French, English, Spanish with English subtitles

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A portrait documentary tracing the inspiration, philosophy and imagination of the celebrated theater and screen writer, and Luis Buñuel’s long term collaborator, Jean-Claude Carrière. It is narrarated by Carrière himself as he travels through seven regions of the world which have marked his life.

Regional Premiere


Juan Carlos RulfoJuan Carlos Rulfo is an award-winning filmmaker. His first documentary, I FORGOT I DON'T REMEMBER explored human memory, inspired by the origin of his father in south Jalisco. He was awarded the Rockefeller & MacArthur scholarship in 1996. In 2006, he directed IN THE PIT, which won the Sundance Film Festival World Doc Jury Award. Rulfo’s latest work is CARRIÈRE: 250 METERS.

Producer: Marco Polo Constandse, Alex Garcia, Simon Bross
Production Companies: Filmadora Nacional
Screenwriter: Jean-Claude Carrière
Cinematographer: Juan Carlos Rulfo
Editor: Valentina Leduc
Sound Design: Matias Barberis, Hector Ruiz
Music: Leonardo Heiblum, Jacobo Lieberman
Cast: Jean-Claude Carriere, Kiara Alice Carrière, Nahal Tajadod, Iris Carrière, Peter Brook, Milos Forman, Pierre Etaix, Mary Ellen Mark, Raghu Rai

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Carriere 250 metros